Star City Shadow School will begin email registration September 10th. Registration for semester-long classes (see the ‘Syllabuses’ tab) will be on a first-come, first-serve basis for full-length classes, while attendance for single-day workshops and events will be mostly on a simple RSVP basis. There is no membership fee associated with SCSS. Individual classes may or may not require that you bring your own supplies or require contribution for supplies purchased by the class organiser. The first time you attend an SSCS event you will be asked to fill out a simple form for book keeping and contact/update purposes. At this point you can attend, propose, and lead Shadow School classes; there is no distinction between ‘students’ and ‘teachers’.

SCSS has no physical location. Classes may be held in homes, galleries, libraries, outdoors, or wherever is appropriate. Workshops, lectures and classes will be posted on the calendar and website, and open to everybody, although some will have to limit class size or require RSVP. Grading and assessment systems will be decided by the course organiser; it will be recorded what courses or activities you complete. Once classes are underway, a regular cycle of open meetings will be established (probably monthly) for everyone in the SCSS community to discuss their ideas and experiences and address whatever issues or opportunities arise.

Friend us on Facebook (Star City Shadow School) to stay updated on upcoming events and classes. Check our blog calendar at

Email us at to register for semester-long classes.

Simply show up to one-day events or workshops and fill out a basic registration form on site!


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