Drawing: Open Studio

Organiser: Warren C. Fry


Participants in Drawing Open Studio will work together as a mutually supportive group intent on sharpening drawing skills and learning new techniques.   The class will share work, collaborate, and educate itself in the techniques, history, and creative practices of drawing.  The content of this course, at the outset, is open and directed by the specific desires of its participants.  Drawing Open Studio is open to enthusiasts of drawing at all skill levels.

Embodied Performance

Organiser: Olchar E. Lindsann


The course will introduce participants to techniques, strategies, and skill-sets for devising and presenting interdisciplinary performance work in the European tradition, drawing from elements of experimental choreography, devised & physical theatre, writing, shamanism, and other disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on relationships between body and space, thought and action, material and time, performer and audience, and the creation and inflection of psychosocial space. Learning will be primarily practical and will take the form of space/ embodiment/ awareness exercises led by specialists from a variety of disciplines, the creation and presentation of four or five works singly and in collaboration, and lecture/discussion sessions exploring aspects of planning and practice, and work presented by other participants. Major works will be presented at the SCSS end-of-semester show in December, with proposed participation in the Marginal Arts Festival in February.




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